Verse 1
We are his kingdom, we are his bride
For us he paid the price
For us he bled and died
We are his people, his treasured prize
For us he conquered sin
For he is risen

With thankfulness we will sing
Adopted, now we are his

So we declare the praises
Of Jesus, saviour and king
He is the cornerstone
And now we stand as his church
Until the day when he comes in glory

Verse 2
We are a priesthood, beloved ones
He draws the scattered near
He builds his kingdom here
A holy nation, now set apart
To be his hands and feet
To speak his mercy

  Sample Introduction

1 Peter reminds us that we are God’s chosen people, a royal priesthood and holy nation – called out of darkness so that we might declare his praises to one another and the world.


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  Scripture References

1 Peter 2

  Doctrinal Themes

Christian Living – Praise, Thanksgiving
Christology – Saviour, The Reign of Christ, The Return of Christ, Union with Christ
The Church – The People of God
The Gospel – Adoption

  Liturgical Categories

Praise, Thanksgiving