Commitment, Eternal God, Imitating Christ, Obedience, Righteousness, Sanctification, Spiritual warfare, The All-knowing God, Trust, Zeal



Verse 1
Give me an undivided heart
That I might fear your name
Teach me to walk in righteous paths
And follow in your ways
For you are gracious and forgiving
Hear, O Lord, and answer me

Verse 2
Give me an undivided mind
That I might love your word
Help me to hunger for your voice
And know your Spirit’s sword
For you are good, your truth unchanging
Life is found in serving you

Chorus 1
I want to live for you
All that I say all that I do
Sanctify me
Take me and make me new
That I might live for Christ my Lord

Verse 3
Give me an undivided love
For all that you desire
Make me a living sacrifice
Ignite in me your fire
For You, O Lord, are God eternal
All my ways are known to you

Chorus 2
Counting my gains as loss
Whatever the pain whatever the cost
Sanctify me
Help me take up my cross
And live for him who died for me

CCLI Song # 5881312 | © 2010 Rob Smith

  Sample Introduction

We live in a world calling for our attention everywhere we turn. Our God calls us to an undivided devotion for him, in mind and heart. Let us sing this song as a song of rededication – asking that God’s Spirit would sanctify us to walk in his ways and live single-mindedly for him, and him alone.


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  Scripture References

Old Testament – Psalm 86
New Testament – James 1

  Doctrinal Themes

Christian Living– Commitment, Imitating Christ, Obedience, Sanctification, Spiritual warfare, Trust, Zeal
Doctrine of God – Eternal God, The All-knowing God

  Liturgical Categories

Call to service