I Stand Amazed – Accompaniment Track


This product includes:

ZIP file of MP3 Backing Tracks (with and without vocal)

ZIP file of multitrack parts including:

  • Vocal (WAV)
  • Piano (WAV)
  • Bass (WAV)
  • Guitar (WAV)
  • Drums (WAV)

Our accompaniment tracks are .wav files provided as a .zip (compressed) file. You can play these on any multi-track audio program, such as GarageBand. Each track will include a minimum of Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums. Traditional hymn arrangements may vary, and are more likely to include, for example, Piano and Strings

For the most flexibility we recommend downloading the Transition MultiTrack Player, which will allow you to select or mix accompaniment parts as you would like. For instance, remove the guitar track so that you can play your own guitar within the arrangement.