Premium Subscription

What does my premium subscription allow me to do?
Your subscription gives you access to our database of songs, to download our multitrack, backing track and sheet music files for each song. However, you will still need to obtain the correct licensing (e.g. CCLI) to use these resources within your church context.
Can I share files with other people?
Sorry, no. All files obtained through a subscription are limited to your own use and must not be shared outside of you/your organisation.
Can I continue to use files I’ve downloaded after my subscription ends?
Sorry, no. Once your subscription ends, you must delete all copies of the files you have downloaded from Please see the Terms of Service for full licensing information.


Are your songs licensed?
Every song on has been licensed for distribution within our premium subscription, including audio tracks and sheet music. However, you will still need to obtain the correct licensing (e.g. CCLI) to use these resources within your church context.
What type of licence do I need to use songs for church?
To use any of the songs you find through, your church is required to have the appropriate licence(s) from Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI). If you are unsure about which licence is right for your church context, please get in touch with them directly. Depending on your situation you may require a CCLI Copyright Licence (for the reproduction of words, printed or projected), a CCLI Music Reproduction Licence (for making copies of sheet music) or a CCLI Streaming Licence (if you intend to broadcast or live stream commercial recordings or multi-tracks, such as those obtained through


How do I reset my password?
To reset your password if you're NOT logged in: Click Log In, Lost Password, enter your email address connected to your account. You will receive an email with a link to reset the password (make sure to check Spam or Promotional folders). To reset your password if you are logged in: in My Account, click Change Password.
Can I change my details?
Yes, you can! In My Account, click on Edit Profile to change your name, username, email and church/organisation. Make sure you use a secure password.

Orders and Billing

How do I change my billing details?
You can update your billing details in My Account. Select Billing Information, and enter your new card details.
How do I cancel my premium membership?
You can cancel your premium membership at any time. In My Account, click Cancel.
What is your refund policy?
All purchases are final. However, we want you to love our product, so please get in touch if you are unsatisfied with any part of our service.

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