Verse 1
Hear me, Lord, out of the depths I call
Comfort and guard my heart, shelter me in this storm
Turn to me, see my distress and need
Weary and poor I come, calling upon your name

You are forgiving and good
Abounding in love to the faithful who call
No other god can compare to you
Great is your mercy and grace
With all of my heart I will sing of your name
No other power can save, but you

Verse 2
Teach me, God, show me the righteous path
Lead me to walk with you, trusting you all my days
Hear my cry, with terror on every side
Justice will soon prevail; you are the God who saves

CCLI Song # 7169080 | © 2021 Liv Chapman & Alanna Glover

  Sample Introduction

This song is based on Psalm 86, a prayer of David. The Psalms give us both permission and the vocabulary with which to cry out to God: So let’s use the words of this song to cry out to God with our struggles and turn our eyes back to Him in praise and gratitude.


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  Scripture References

Psalm 86

  Doctrinal Themes

Christian Living – Assurance, Courage, Dependence, Perseverance, Prayer, Suffering and trials, Trust
Doctrine of God – Sustainer God, The Faithfulness of God, The Justice of God, The Love of God, The Power of God, The Sovereignty of God
The Gospel – Forgiveness, Salvation

  Liturgical Themes

Assurance, Lament, Prayer